Coordinated Stalking Bill

We received word that our proposal Will not be included in Senator Beall’s packet for 2020

It’s disappointing, but we have learned so much. We continue to do this work, and now we know how to move forward with other legislators

What a learning process it’s been. Every step of the way we’ve gained invaluable knowledge and we now know what lawmakers want to see in order to give a bill proposal serious consideration.

Operating now as Advocacy for Humankind, we’ve visited the CDAA, the CPCA, and a prominent District Attorney. We’re forming a coalition that includes other organizations with crossover issues, and soon we will also be reaching out to major corporations in the Bay Area. We’ve forged an alliance with the ACLU and we will be meeting soon with other prominent lawmakers.

Still, our work has barely begun. We are looking forward to a momentous 2020, and we’re glad that you’re along for the ride!