Help Others

Benevolent Giving

On This page we list GoFundMe pages and other donation opportunities. Helping other victims is great karma and strengthens the whole community.

Support Calls

We have people contact us who need phone support. If you are able and willing to provide phone support, please contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Donate to the Bay Area Support Group

Money donated to the support group may go towards food and beverages, but what we really hope is that we can get enough money to help support group members when they are in need.

Click on the Green Donate Button to help us out.

Help Ray Schumann

Currently, Ray Schumann is one of 2 attorneys in the US that we know of assisting our community. Because we know Ray personally, we know that he is hugely overburdened and taking many requests. There are several ways that you can help Ray:

  1. Volunteer to help him with his website and other communications

2. Donate to Ray by clicking the button below.