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2019 Pumpkin Carving Event with Senator Scott Weiner

October 26th, Bay Area Meeting

Due to the Coronavirus, many of our favorite spots are not open right now, so we will meet in Dolores Park, San Francisco for this month’s meeting.

Dolores Park, San Francisco


Joining us from the east coast will be our beloved BASG member Henry & community leader Dr. Matthew of the Freedom For Targeted Individuals organizaton.

Date: Saturday October 17th, 2020

Time: 11:30am – 2:30pm 

Location: Dolores Park in San Francisco

Dolores Park, is a city park in San Francisco, California. It is located two blocks south of Mission Dolores at the western edge of the Mission District. Dolores Park is bounded by 18th Street on the north, 20th Street on the south, Dolores Street on the east and Church Street on the west.

What To Bring: Check the forcast and dress in layers as SF weather is always changing. Bring snacks and/or a lunch and water for the day. Don’t forget your masks, there will probably be city representatives making the rounds to assure masks are being worn. Most importantly, bring your positive energy for a great day of fellowship and support. 

*There are public restrooms located in the center of the park

Plan:  Our meeting spot will be at the top of the park, in the middle of the block, on the 20th street sidewalk. A few members will arrive early to stake out a spot on the lawn for us. If you don’t see us from the side wak, call, email or text and someone will come to escort you to our location. If you would like to drop off any items at the park before parking, please contact us so that we can meet you at your car on 20th street.

Transportation:  Dolores Park is a 14min walk from the 16th & Mission BART station. There is a parking garage located next to ther BART with an  entrance on 16th street between Valencia Street and Mission Street. The J Church MUNI train runs the length of Church Street and has two stops at Delores park as well. 

Contact Information: banthony4justice@protonmail.com 

Byron will be taking over responsibilities of setting up meetings,  and sending out invites for the next few months. Please look for his email: banthony4justice@protonmail.com and make sure your invites and updates are not going to spam.

Click the map below to find the location and directions to plan your trip.

Please be sure to RSVP so that we know to expect you.

RSVP:  Contact Byron at banthony4justice@protonmail.com


The Project:
Dr. Matthew of FFTI in collaboration with The European coalition Task Force on Cyber-torture is producing a short film to commemorate this past TI Day and raise public awareness for our community. He is looking for interested members of BASG to participate and represent Norther California in this effort. He is requesting members to record short videos or take pictures to submit for inclusion in the film. Videos and or pictures can be simple or provide some detail of individual experience.

Some examples:
Speaking or holding a sign stating “I am a TI”, or
“My name is_______, I am a [mother, father, nurse] and a victim of “coordinated-stalking” or “cyber-torture” or “surveillance-harassment”, and/or
“The abuse/harassment/assault I’ve endured has had a huge impact on me and my family” — customized to what the person wants to say, but along those lines.

The Objective:
The objective of the project is to create an awareness and educational tool that demonstrates how widespread these crimes are, and to humanize victims. This tool can be posted on various platforms and used to educate at the local, state, national and international level.
How to Participate Individually:
Please send videos and images to fftiorg@gmail.com and copy,
Magnus Olsson: eu11cach@gmail.com &
Dr. Matt: dr.matthew.aaron@gmail.com
Generally, video submissions range from 5 seconds to 2 minutes each, and it is totally fine for people to conceal their faces with medical masks (appropriate given our current situation).

How to email video clips from your mobile:

The project has already received a tremendous response from our community all over the world (Japan and USA especially). Dr. Matthew believes that the final project will be very impactful.

Participation as a group:
Dr. Matthew will be visiting the Bay Area over the 3rd weekend in October. BASG will schedule our monthly meeting during that weekend so that we can meet and hear from Dr. Matthew. He will be bringing a video camera and has expressed an interest in joining BASG to film a short video clip as a group. If you are interested in participating in a group video, please email Byron at:
If we receive a strong response, we will create a script for the video and film during our monthly meeting. Dr Matthew is also willing to film individual submissions at that time as well.
There is no pressure to participate as a great deal of content has been received from 12 different countries. This is just an opportunity for BASG members to contribute to the project individually or as a group.

Sacramento Group is on hold right now. Find out more here.